This story is told through three separate segments.

Claire Hypnotized
An intruder has broken into Claire’s house and finds her sitting on the couch. As she tries to escape, she is knocked down onto the sofa and hypnotized into calm, submissive state. Now that Claire is subdued, the intruder begins to have his way with her by taking off her socks and smelling her feet. He also makes her walk in a trance, repeating mantras while lifting off her top.

With this Ring I thee Control
Claire is hypnotized into thinking she is in a relationship with the man that has broken into her home and is now living with her. He continues to have fun controlling her, and is now trying out a hypnotic ring that puts it’s wearer into a robotic trance when activated. Claire is turned into a hypnotized robot and made to clean his house topless. She is made to please him in various other ways before being ordered upstairs to complete her robotic duties.

You are my Master, I am Your Slave
This final segment simply shows a day in the life of our lucky intruder as he routinely hypnotizes his toy into taking off her clothes and becoming his zombie slave. The scene ends with a nicely implied sexual scenario.

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