Our evil hypnotist has stumbled upon one of his hottest victims yet. He doesn’t bother trying to convince her to let him hypnotize her, as she’s far to hot to waste any time with. She’s first put into an agreeable mood with his “high-tech” flashing light entrancer, and then hypnotically controlled with the use of his pocketwatch. Of course, what good would a hypnotized hot girl be without having her walk as a zombie mindlessly repeating submissive mantras, and performing a series of sexy stretches to show off that firmly fit ass? It’s a safe bet that this one is going home with her new master tonight…

Key highlights of video include:
Multiple induction sequences – both spinning lights and swinging watch
Turned into a sexy cat
Becomes a mannequin and is posed
Made to stretch and bend her flexible body and do jumping jacks
Lots of “yes masters” and many other submissive mantras
Extensive and lengthy sleepwalking/zombiewalking scenes is where much of the emphasis is placed in this video!

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