Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Neighbor Girls 2

Donna and CJ hear what they think are cries for help coming from their neighbor’s apartment. They open the door to find the apartment dark and quiet. After a brief investigation, the girls get a bad vibe and decide to leave. Suddenly the lights flip on and a spinning hypnotic spiral is revealed. The girls have walked into a trap and are becoming slowly hypnotized by the captivating pattern. They are turned into their neighbor’s mindless slaves, unable to break free from their hypnotic trance. They are made to carry out their commands in a mindless daze. Each girl is snapped out of trance, one at a time, to see their frightened and confused reaction to their mindless friend who stands helplessly entranced and loyal to her master. Both girls are returned to trance using a pocket watch and eventually lead to the bedroom topless and obedient.


Girls Gone Hypnotized



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