Mila’s new boyfriend is becoming jealous of the time she spends with her girlfriends. When he asks her to stop going out so much, of course her answer is “no”. He hypnotizes her with an old pocket watch that seems to have some magical powers. After only several swings of the watch, Mila’s eyes open wide and stare straight forward. Her arms spring outward as if she is a sleepwalker, and she becomes his little brainless slave. She obeys all of her master’s commands while speaking in a robotic monotone.

Mila sits patiently on the couch like a perfect statue while her boyfriend goes to the store, but while he’s gone, Mila’s friend Aimee shows up and finds her completely unresponsive to anything she says or does. When Mila’s boyfriend shows up and finds Aimee in his home trying to wake up his hypnotized slave, he decides it’s best to hypnotize Aimee as well. Aimee falls under the power of the watch in the same fashion as Mila did. Now both girls are mindless and obedient, and loyally follow any command their master gives them.


Girls Gone Hypnotized



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