Victoria’s friend suspects that she is hiding a big secret, but can’t quite figure it out so he decides to pay her a visit one evening. During conversation, he accuses Victoria of hiding a secret and tells her he wants to know what it is. She flatly refuses any information so he hypnotizes her with a watch.

Under hypnosis, Victoria is helpless to resist any of his commands. She obeys her master and reveals that her secret identity is Supergirl. She is told to change into her costume and she obeys. Supergirl is made to carry out her commands in a hypnotic daze.

When she wakes up from her trance, Supergirl is angry to find that her friend has taken advantage of her. Once she calms down though, she agrees that maybe it’s a good idea to try and resist being hypnotized so her enemies can’t use it against her in the future. She attempts to resist the hypnosis, but again falls under her master’s control.

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