GirlsGoneHypnotized – More Than Friends

Sara’s friend takes her out for lunch one afternoon and decides to tell her how he feels about her afterwords. Unfortunately for him, the feeling is not mutual. She politely tries to reject his advances, but is interrupted when he pulls out a strange device. Sara is then put in a state of complacency after gazing upon the flashing light that seems to have “mysterious powers”.

Now with her a little more agreeable, he realizes that he must quickly get her alone inside her apartment so that he can strengthen his control over her using hypnosis. Sara can’t help but fall completely under the power of his swinging watch.

With her now totally under his power and obedient, he begins to fulfill his every desire with his new slave. His instructions range from having her pass out on command, to worshiping him while on her knees. Of course, what fun would a hypnotized girl be without having her do embarrassing things like get in the shower with her clothes on, and more?…


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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