GirlsGoneHypnotized – Natalia the Perfect Wife

Natalia is a bad wife. She is constantly complaining about something, whether it be dirty dishes in the sink or porn on her husband’s computer. Between the never ending bitching and the nonexistant sex, her husband is at his limit with her.

During her most recent fit, Natalia’s husband presents her with a pocket watch that captures her undivided attention. Natalia is unable to take her eyes off of the watch as it swings back and forth. She falls to the floor in a deep sleep, and awakens seated in an odd contraption, now wearing nothing but an apron. As the device enveloping her head is activated, Natalia’s face goes blank and her mind emptied. Natalia is converted into a robot and programs are installed into her now electronic mind. Natalia has no choice but to obey her husband. She becomes the perfect wife; never complaining or talking back, now doing only what her master commands her to do.

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