Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip One)

Right back under

Alexis Grace (aka Ashley) and JC, two of my favorite girls finally together in one session, OMG. I am sure you guys remember the two of them from their prior sessions and the only thing I can say that might have changed about them, is that they were even better subjects than before. Besides all that, just watching them together is a delight and the fact that they have great chemistry makes it even hotter.

Alexis is definitively more submissive by nature than JC who loves to control little girls like her, which is yet another reason why this is such a hot update (you will see what I mean once you watch it). Needless to say, both went right back under my control and that is when the fun started. Get ready and enjoy another intensely hot session.

The induction shows how easily both girls went right back under (with rolling and flickering eyes) I told JC that I would put Alexis under first so that she can watch what happens. Sure enough, JC who was supposed to watch only was the first one to roll her eyes and drop into you know where.

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