Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Six)

You are nothing without your master

Have I pleased you master

JC, a sexy Superheroine has been sent by her master to capture Bat-girl for him. Needless to say, our Bat-girl Alexis believes that she can easily kick her ass and then have fun with her. The girls get into a bit of a pissing match before JC pulls out the “rotating flasher” and entrances her struggling victim into submission. lexis has no chance against her capturer and she drops into mindless oblivion before she even knows what hits her. Now she has to learn to pleasure her new mistress. JC makes her victim freeze up before humiliating her. Alexis’s body helplessly quivers under JC’s touch and she cannot help but orgasm on command as soon as she feels the vibrator on her clit. Hot yes/no orgasms btw. It would take to long to describe all the things JC forces her victim to do but after kissing and licking her mistresses boots and legs, she is finally ordered to go down on her and eat out her wet pussy.

Time for me to step in and make both of them my personal love-slaves. Now we get to watch the girls make each other cum, JC leading Alexis by her hair and more. At some point we have JC masturbate her victims wet pussy while holding her hand over her mouth and nose. Alexis, now aware of being a Superheroine, outs up a futile fight before her limp body sinks into her captures arms. JC has fun playing with her victims limp body before she is ordered to put herself to sleep.

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