Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Three)

No more thinking

More rolling eyes entrancement, frozen bodies, yes masters, kneeling, slow repetition of mantra, screaming hard orgasms, hand over mouth and nose orgasm training and more. Again, trying to describe it all would take forever but here are some of the highlights. We start off by taking the girls deeper again with every snap of my fingers. Both of their wobbly bodies are just standing there while they are slowly repeating, please master train me. Now we take it up a notch by freezing JC’s little hard body.

Immobilized and helpless, she has no then choice than to let Alexis fondle and kiss her wherever she desires. JC’s nerve endings are sensitized which drives her insane for lust. Alexis is just as horny as her victim and when I finally give the order, both girls orgasm hard and loud. As I always say, just warm up. After dropping both deeper again (more rolling eyes) the girls are ordered to go on their knees.

JC is ordered to help her master train Alexis into becoming an even more obedient slave. JC takes care of her victim by masturbating her from behind while holding her body in a helpless position (you got to see this to understand what I mean by all this) Anyway, Alexis is orgasmed into oblivion and with the last orgasm, JC places her hand over her toys nose and mouth and orgasms her until she . Alexis’s limp body remains in JC arms until I make her drop our sleepy little girl. Now it is time for JC to put herself out in the middle of cuming.

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