Amber Bach’s I Will Obey Induction

Amber Bach, voluptuous 35 year old blond with huge, beautifully shaped natural breasts did not believe that I could make her cum just like that. I other words she did not believe that would work. The reason why she came to see me was her fiancé had seen some of my clips and was dying to find out whether it would work on her. Amber did not bring him this time, I guess she wanted to try it out first and see whether she would like it or not and then bring him in for a couples session.

What a body on that girl! I just could not wait to get her under and play with her. The induction went very well and when I saw her eyelids flickering and her head dropping further and further I knew she was more suggestible than she thought.
After the pool float relaxation, I started suggesting that the more she keeps repeating: “I will obey” the better and lighter she would feel. At that point it certainly seemed like she had let go and I started making her feel horny. When I suggested that she would feel the tongue between her legs her body started to wiggle and I knew this would turn into another great session.




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