Hypnosis does not work …Sexy Toy Amber Will…

Amber still believes that hypnosis does not really work. She is standing in front of me telling me something about coming back some other time to try it again, when I wave my hand in front of her face and she drops instantaneously back into a deep trance.
Now I start programming her to become my little sex toy. I suggest that she is some kind of educational sex toy and that she has to show me and do everything I want. It goes without saying that she has to obey me and reply to everything I say with: “sex toy Amber will” and then repeat whatever I told her to do. Amber is a very seductive and cute toy and I have her play with her breasts and jiggle and wiggle them, standing up and on all four. That girl has some amazing titts on her and I just had to see them again in action.

After that I have her suck on a Lollipop, demonstrating how she would give me a blow job. The way she works that Lollipop makes you want to be in her mouth. It seems like she can’t get enough of the action and I can feel how horny she is. After some hard masturbation, I rewarded her with the magic touch and let her experience an orgasm that slowly puts her to sleep. I have her wake up again and this time I suggest that just sucking on the lollipop will make her cum.

When I first programmed her I could see her processing everything I said and her eyelids flickered a couple of times. It took her a bit to surrender to the idea of being a toy but that did not last long and it turned out to be a seductive and fun sequence.




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  • KThigg 2 years ago

    The first video link you put in does not work. vidoza.me works every time. Can you put that link in too? Because the past 10 videos I can’t watch.

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      i got it, dude you can download or watch all videos through openload links as well just click on download link(under each video) and follow those pages, finally you will get a download link, unfortunately we can not work with vidoza.me for a while

  • Hey brother you can go up again Victoria’s Second Hypnosis Session
    Part 2? Please

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      Hey dude. i think already we have uploaded this one

      • Rainyhead 2 years ago

        sorry, can you resurrect it? hahahaha does not upload the video