Sweet surrender

This is another hot one. The clip starts with me programming the “neck sleep trigger” and then wake her up feeling completely normal not remembering any of the prior hypnosis. Of course she is surprised about being naked and she feels even more surprised about being incredibly horny and unable to stop masturbating. That was exactly how I had programmed her to feel. She is so very beautiful to watch, giving her little pussy a workout with her lushes breast jiggling with every stroke of her hand and trying to hide it at the same time. It is hard to describe but you guys will see what I mean.

Now comes the part where I make her surrender. While increasing her feelings of lust, I tell her that I will make her a good little slave and that it will feel good. Amber is on her back, legs spread wide and her eyes are open. I go very close because I want to see her eyes when she succumbs to me.

It gets very intense, Amber is trying to fight it she even says so when I ask her but I can also feel that she is a true submissive, just waiting to be put in her place. She is incredibly turned on and my suggestions are starting to go into her subconscious. Her sweet surrender is inevitable and very intense. This clip is not easy to describe, there are lots of great close ups of the most intense scenes.




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