I am a horny slut and you know where to find me

Andrea just cannot seem to get rid of the obnoxious guy who keeps coming back into her office trying to get his stupid pen back See clip eight for details. Anyway, no she is ready to call security but of that never happens. Why you ask. Well, the guy has another trick up his sleeve and before she knows it, she is deeply entranced and willing to do anything he wants. I gets hot in the room whenever Andrea turns on her charm and her “seductive side.” Looks like she is all over the guy now and she even uses her feet to entice him.

Just remembering how she slowly removes her pantyhose gets me going again. Well, things change after she freezes up again (brainwashing) Now she has to show me her feet without wanting to do so. Something makes her do it although she really hates to do it. You should hear her lies and excuses. Let’s Switch her back to being seductive and horny before freezing her again.

Poor thing is helplessly frozen and I just cannot stop “clicking” my favorite pen and the camera. How does she end up using the intercom to announce to everybody that she is a horny slut and you know where to find her? Too much going on but again a “director’s choice” clip.




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