It feels so good to be yours

Another director’s choice includes : an incredibly seductive subject posing and slowly strip-dancing while zoned out/entranced (really, really hot). Of course there are the slow repetitions (mantra) of “I am your helplessly entranced slave master,” while in the zombie/sleepwalker position. Like to see an entranced and blankly staring subject being posed and manipulated? You got it. It gets really hot though when we “turn” her into a sexy, smiling, breast jiggling little horny doll which has plenty of yes master responses. Navel activated orgasms, some masturbation and so much more.

Let’s switch her from being a doll to being a very horny seductress who is so turned on by her master that all she can think of is to seduce him any way possible. Absolutely hot to watch her entice us with her beautiful body

It heats up quickly when she is placed on all four and made to feel fucked and used by her master. Yes masters



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