Total obedience

Andrea is still on all four and now, we drive her up the wall for lust. Her beautiful body goes into intense lustful convulsions when she feels deeply penetrated from behind. Again, trying to describe this is not easy. Of course that is still all just warm up. Now it is time for her to learn that I have every part of her body and mind under my control.

A series of “breath controlled orgasms” makes her almost collapse as she comes harder and more intense than even before. Still we are not done yet. Next we make her feel bound and helpless while driving her into a series of orgasm (without her being allowed and or able to touch herself) Her beautiful body quivers and shakes and I decide to drop her back into mindless trance. Great stares btw. Towards the end, Andrea learns to put herself to sleep for her master by placing her hand over her mouth and nose while…. Yes masters, blank stares, intense controlled orgasm training, limp play




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