Self-destruction initiated

Casey a beautiful female android that is working for the robotics company that built her. Her job is to create a virus that will be used to infect androids built by her company’s main competitor. When she tells her boss that the virus is completed and ready for testing, he tells that he has a test subject in mind. She pulls a thumb drive from her computer and hands him a copy of the virus. He ask her to pull up a document on her computer and as she leans over to look at the screen, he sneaks up behind her. While the android is distracted, he grabs her around the neck with his left arm, while he reaches around with his right arm.

He lifts her blouse to expose her midriff and inserts the thumb drive into the chest of the unsuspecting robot. She struggles, but the virus begins to effect her systems . It attacks her logic circuits, causing her to become confused and incapable of formulating an effective escape plan. It then effects her motor functions causing her legs to freeze up when she tries to flee. The virus then unleashes an obedience program, that causes her to malfunction if she resist the commands of her boss.

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