That is so hot

Emma and Ivy are snapped out of it in the middle of their sweet lovemaking. Oh my god, what just happened? Looks like the girls do not remember anything. Oh well, both try to talk their way out of this one and they even go as far as trying to make me believe that they do not feel very sexual right now. Emma, all of a sudden, opens her eyes wide and it seems like she is trying to fight the inevitable. Sure enough though, she drops like a rock after a second or two and is out cold. Ivy, who just told me just a few minutes ago that she does not feel all that sexual, is all of a sudden intensely turned on by the fact that Emma is helplessly down and out. It looks like she just can not resist to fondle her little friend’s limp body and to eat out her wet pussy. Emma is so far gone that she does not even notice that I perform some eye checks and remove the rest of her mind while she is mercilessly eaten out by her horny friend.

The segment actually starts with two minutes of footage which was not enough for a clip, so I added it to this one. The clips are not shot in sequence but both segments are fun to watch. The girls snap out of it and they seem a bit bored about the session. Somehow they think that what I do is not really for them. Well, let’s see what happens when I mention the word “slave” Suddenly both of my sweet non-believers stand up with their arms stretched out in front of them. We all know what that means. Put on their knees, my by now mindless slaves learn to bow to their master. What do you think happens when I snap them out of it again? Go and check it out for yourself.

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