This certainly does not help our problem

The girls snap out of it again and this time they seem even more confused than before. It is fun watching them jump around as they try to get dressed while trying to figure out why the hell they are half naked to begin with! Of course they feel sorry about the whole thing but still they insist never having been put under. Their futile attempt to get dressed gets stopped as they suddenly experience a “tickle attack” Both girls start to jump around as they feel tickled all over their little bodies.

Things get worse when their bodies all of a sudden freeze up while the tickling continues. Being the nice teacher that I am, I let the feeling of being tickled subside but unfortunately that does not change the fact that they are still frozen. Taking off their bras, yet again, does not seem to help much either. Let’s see whether they would like to orgasm. No not really? Oops, here we go. Ok, the orgasm just made them feel more confused and a bit bitchy which makes me want to try the “waving hand” and one at a time, my two little girls sink into blissful mindlessness. A little bit of programming later the girls snap out of it again and all of a sudden they just love to do their….




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