Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Eight)

Mindless Santa Baby and the feather duster

Gracie, our very sexy yet somewhat prudish model, believes to be at a very well paying photo shoot for our Xmas catalog. Of course, being prudish and very professional, our little girl is not interested in posing nude nor does she seem to have time to go out with me after the shoot. I guess, we all know what that means. Anyway, I am pretty sure that there is a way to make her pose the way I would like her to. Let’s try the mindless freeze trick on her, shall we. Gracie goes blank and becomes stiff in the middle of her sexy pose before she even knows what hits her. Now seems to be a good time to rearrange her clothes. pull down her panties and to take a close look at every part of her sexy young body.

Snapped out of it again, Gracie seems very confused and embarrassed but she regains her confidence quickly and is ready for more. For more mindless freeze fun that is. Snapped out of it again, Gracie scrambles to cover up her naked breasts and pussy, which believe me, leaves her very confused and yes, even more embarrassed than before. What do you think happens when she wakes up with a feather duster stuck between her butt cheeks? Lots of fun, intense stares and freeze scenes, close ups of her body, confusion and so much more.




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