Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Nine)

Santa eats feet

Our little Santa model wakes up with no recollection of what has happened so far during her photo shoot from hell. My idea of taking some pictures of her with her feet exposed while maybe even playing or at least holding them, does not go over too well. No, our girl is not a foot model and she simply can not imagine what it would feel like to mindlessly suck, kiss and lick her toes and feet. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her about the power of the waving hand but that just seems to amuse her. Stopped in mid sentence our Santa Baby experiences first hand what waving my hand in front of her face can do. What follows is a whole lot of mindless foot play, including sucking, kissing, worshiping and stroking her own feet. I guess, she deserves to have an orgasm for that one, besides, she is so dam horny by now that allowing her to cum seems to be the nice thing to do. It gets really hot though when she not only demonstrates but also explains in every detail what she would do if I allowed her to give me a foot job.

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