Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip V)

This must be one of your fantasies.

Sneezing lovers

My two sweethearts wake up not remembering much of anything. For some reason, both of them seem to believe that it is polite to sit in front of a stranger with their legs spread far apart. That’s not all though, both of them seem to have the urge to play with the other girl’s pussy but neither one seems to be aware of what they are doing to each other. Strange, don’t you think? Still it gets even stranger, as soon as I mention the word allergies, both of them start to sneeze and then wipe their noses with their panties. It certainly is not easy to have a decent conversation about what I do with these two horny yet completely unaware love birds. Fun clip and the way the girls try to keep up the conversation while getting horny is certainly worth watching. They even make fun of me for suggesting some girl/girl sex. That must be one of your fantasies…

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