Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip XIX)

Tickled senseless, frozen stiff, blank and too tiered to cum

After having been put out in the 69 position, the girls are now coming back up. What a rude awakening though, my two horny love birds now feel tickled under their feet and all over their bodies. Jumping and screaming, they beg me to stop the tickling torture but I think that’s way too early. We are just starting to have fun, right? Let’s freeze them and see what happens.

Both are still laughing their heads off but now they are unable to move on top of all this. Of course that’s the best time to play with their bodies, don’t you agree? Being the nice guy that I am I do decide at some point to help them out by sending them back to sleep. The second I let them come back from their little nap, they start making love but there seems to be another problem. It almost looks like the closer they get to a “happy ending” the more tiered they get. Time for some eye checks and so on.

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