Santa Superheroine

Jingle bells

Freeze, limp play, denied and or uncontrollable orgasms, uncontrollable laughter, mind games and more.

Our Supergirl, who seems to have no recollection of what just happened, wakes up not realizing that she is now dressed in a very hot little Santa number. Needless to say that despite her “tough girl” talk, she does not seem to be particularly intimidating in her sexy little outfit and the fact that she believes that the vibrator in her hand is a sword makes this even funnier. Oh well, here we go again. This time we get to enjoy Santa, I mean Supergirl, getting sleepy and weak after trying some of those delicious strawberries.

Looks like the fight is not fair as she is getting weaker and weaker and… Poor thing seems to have lost all strength in her body which means, I can take my time to expose her tits, mess with her limp body while she (weakly) bitches. Let’s put her to sleep and then watch what happens when she wakes up with a thrusting vibrator between her legs. Yes, more bitching and an (almost) orgasm. Next time she comes up, we get to enjoy her wrestling with the vibrator which seems to be stuck on her pussy.

Things get even worse when she is plagued by uncontrollable laughter (jingle bells) at the most inappropriate times. The above described are only a few highlights of this segment and there is certainly a lot more going on.

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