Too weak, too sleepy, to horny and too….

This next segment is certainly for our sleepy feet play, limp body manipulation, helplessly orgasmed subject, ass and feet, freeze and more, lovers

Izmargad’s sexy young body seems limp and weak and there is not much (nothing) she can do about me messing with her. Needless to say, she tries to complain when I place her hand between her legs for some unexpected masturbation. As it turns out, the hand between her legs has a mind of it own and there is no way she can stop it from making her orgasm. Well, almost orgasm that is. Poor thing goes out right before the (embarrassing) orgasm can actually happen. Well honey, maybe later.

Time to roll her around, check her dim eyes, orgasm her in her sleep and of course play with her feet. As mentioned, our little girl has a great ass and in combination with her feet, this is the perfect position for her, on her stomach with her feet frozen up in the air. Of course there is more but I think you might just want to go ahead and check it out for yourself.

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