Flower with a side effect

Smelling the flowers makes a girl freeze up

Jen is our new model for the Hawaiian Bikini line. Excited to be at her first photo shoot, Jen tries her best to impress me, the director. I just wish she would go out to dinner with me but it seems like she does not want to go quite that far. Jen gives me the I have a boyfriend line and something about my wife might not like it. OK then, let’s go on with the shoot. Of course, what is a Hawaiian Bikini line without flowers. Problem is our flowers seem to have a very interesting side effect, at least on Jen.

The second she takes a nice deep breath to smell them, her sexy body freezes up and her little mind goes away. Sorry, I can not tell you where I bought them nor can I tell you the name of the flowers. Anyway, now it is time to play with her. Snapped out of it, Jen seems to suffer from short term amnesia. Not remembering a thing, she does not even realize that her top is, let’s say, rearranged. Believe it or not she smells the flowers again and ends up just as frozen but this time aware of what is going on. The poor thing is now orgasmed by those tricky flowers and for some reason goes blank again, after some complaining of course. There is a lot more happening but this description is getting way too long. Go watch it.

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