Orgasmic feet

Tickled and orgasmed

After her zombie walk to the bedroom, my sweet Hawaiian model is now tickled senseless. Her curvy little body is quivering and shaking all over the bed. Please stop, not my feet. The strange think about all this is that I have not even touched her. All of a sudden things change and now it seems like the entire bed has turned into a giant vibrator. Jen slowly changes from feeling tickled to feeling highly orgasmic. Strange but this time she does not beg me to stop. Forced to orgasm, Jen seems very exhausted already but it is too early to put her back to sleep. After another suggestion of mine, Jen all of a sudden seems to be unable to stay away from her feet, it seems like touching them makes her feel aroused. Have you ever seen a girl have an orgasm in her feet. Go check it out.

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