Mindless slave

I decided to split this segment into two parts for all of our viewers with a slower Internet connection. In part two our mindless oversexed Jogger is again brought to the brink of a very powerful orgasm and I decide to mute her and then stop her breathing. Finally allowed to orgasm with her eyes wide open, Jen has no choice but to let the energy of this deep, hard orgasm, circulate through her entire body, over and over that is. Breath controlled orgasms are very powerful and show the ultimate surrender. Breathing releases a lot of energy, which when kept in can intensify the orgasm. Sure enough, her young body is quivering and shaking and she just can not stop Cumming. It is very hot to see her total surrender in her wide open (rolled back) eyes. Next comes the slave walk with her arms stretched out in front of her, Jen walks in a circle while repeating, very slow and monotone: “I am your slave.”

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