This stuff just does not work

Jen, who believes to be on national TV, simply can not imagine that what I do could possibly work. We are here today to find out how suggestible our show candidates are and as I mentioned, Jen is in the group of our non-believers. Why does she freeze up in mid sentence when I mention the color blue or why does she start to pleasure herself with a vibrator when I mention the color yellow? I guess I will never know the answer to those questions.

The fun part is that whenever I snap her out of it, my doubtful test candidate keeps apologizing for whatever strange situation she finds herself in. Looks like she does not remember what just happened. Naturally, Jen feels very embarrassed when she suddenly realizes that her tits are hanging out. Wait until you see what happens when she snaps out of it, realizing that there is a thrusting vibrator in her pussy. You think she is going to admit that one on national TV? The way Jen tries to hide what’s going on and her desperate attempt to stop the orgasm from happening is just hilarious.




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