Hypnolust – Lauren Phillips (Clip Eleven)

Itchy palms

I bring a lot to the table

Lauren, our eager and so far quite unfortunate secretary, wakes up and now we have her programmed to feel this terrible itch in the palm of her hand. I know that is not so bad but she is also programmed that whenever she scratches the itch, she feels her pussy/clit being touched/played with. I know that’s mean but it is so much fun watching her trying not to scratch and or scratching it while going crazy for lust.

It gets even worse when she believes that her ass, pussy and tits are her qualifications for the job. Now we get to see her wide open wet pussy, spread ass and so much more while she is telling us how much she is bringing to the proverbial table. She even goes as far as to referring to herself as being a horny slut (among other things) Of course there is more fun to come when she finally becomes aware of her actions but by then she is frozen stiff while in a very awkward position (bend over, ass out, pussy open) while trying….

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