Hypnolust – Lauren Phillips (Clip Six)

Tits, feet, freeze and more

First we make her feel intense pleasure through showing off her well taken care of feet. The idea of being pleasing and seductive makes her lustfully squirm again. The intensity of what follows next is not easy to describe. Her tongue and fingers run through her toes as if she was caressing her clit and pussy. She keeps repeating, “I am your horny slave master” while she is bringing herself close to orgasm. I have her stretch her legs straight up in the air and the freeze her in place. Now we “transfer” her pussy into her frozen feet and bring her to orgasm by touching her Pussy (bottom of her feet) Don’t you love the power of suggestion.

We are not done yet. Next we have her stand up for some slow repetitions of “I am your trained slave master” (mantra) while in the zombie position.

I love the ending where we get to enjoy watching her fondle and squeeze her big tits while she is made to believe that she is actually touching her pussy. Lauren goes nuts again, her body goes into intense lustful convulsions before she eventually passes-out from the intensity of her last orgasm.

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