Hypnolust – Lauren Phillips (Clip Twelve)

Not on your salary buster

Lauren, my beautiful yet strict boss, must have been suspicious for quite a while, which is probably why she followed me home from work . There she is going on and on about the enormous size of my place and the fact that I couldn’t possibly afford all this on my salary. To make a long story short, she accuses me of having embezzled money from the company. Like I mentioned, she is beautiful but also very strict and as it turns out unforgiving. I guess I should not have taken the new Jaguar to work.

Imagine her surprise when I mention that she is absolutely correct about the fact that I took money from the company. She gets downright furious and threatens to get the “authorities” involved. I can’t say I did not warn her but she just had to push it. Oh well, just like I told her, after only a few seconds and the use of the “brain scrambler” the situation is under control (my control that is) Empty and wide open for programming, Lauren just stands there as if struck by…

Her transformation into becoming my obedient robot is swift and unproblematic. What follows next is hot. Lots of yes masters, bend over masturbation, stiff walk, robotic monotone speech/repetitions, posing and so much more.

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