Pole dance

The girls believe to be dancers who are applying for a job at a new night club featuring pole dancers. All three think that they are very good at it and start dancing around the pole. Little do they know that Daniel, our very skeptical visitor, is the pole. All the girls see and feel is a dance pole and even when he gives them the occasional slap on the butt or touches their bodies, the girls are completely unaware of his presence. Wait, it gets even better when they are frozen stiff and played with. Fun segment with some hot dance moves. I knew this would turn into a longer segment ( clip seven through nine) and I did not want the girls eyes to dry out that is why their bodies are frozen but the eyelids are allowed to move here and there to keep the eyes from drying out.




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  • thanks for your uploads! I am looking for the name of maker of videos such as this one:
    Do you have any information about the creator?

    • any help would be appreciated and i thought this was the only place where i could ask something like this

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      i really don’t know
      but interesting clip, i am curious to find this studio. if you find them pleas share to us. maybe we can upload their release in the future

  • Dominik 3 years ago

    that guy’s face went red so quick hahah