Who’s your Daddy?

Thinking that I am her Step Daddy who just married into the family, Mia seems attracted to her mom’s new husband but would not dare to ever get near him. Mom would not like that at all. Mia is just the cutest southern bell and the way she innocently flirts yet tries to not get close to her step-father is just too cute. Of course, my little step daughter is way too cute to let her get away, don’t you think? Luckily my little girl seems very attracted by the beautiful hanging crystal and is even more fascinated by it when I have her turn it on. That is so beautiful Daddy, what does it do? Well, it takes you somewhere real nice, just keep looking at it. Mia sinks into deep trance; her unblinking eyes keep staring at the crystal while she is drifting under daddy’s control. Yes, I want to be a good girl for you. Suddenly promiscuous and horny Mia strips and dances, orgasms and obeys each and every order I give her. Really hot segment with lots of action and as mentioned, Mia is absolutely cute and very sexy in this one as well.




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