That’s what women do for their master.

Just like in the last segment, Mia seems to have no clue as to what has happened so far in the session and yet again, she does not believe that what I do really works. After a brief deepening, my little non-believer wakes up and seems a bit surprised as to why that lollypop is stuck to her hair. I wonder why and how that could have happened. Anyway this time she believes that being naked in front of a man is the most normal thing to do. Despite my protests and attempts to stop her, she seems to be determined to get butt naked as quickly as possible. Of course, what I do does not work, right? Mia also seems to be convinced that every man is a master and that he has to be addressed as such. Lots of yes masters. It gets even weirder when she starts masturbating in front of me. “That is what we do for the master.” Of course honey. The poor thing gets so close to orgasm but unfortunately, just when it starts to feel really good, my little non-believer goes out like a light. Oops. Nice flickering eyelids at the beginning of this segment.





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