Frozen, tickled and almost orgasmed by the magic hand

Mia wakes up after a brief deepening and again she just can not seem to remember what just happened. Don’t you love the power of suggestion? Again she does not believe that what I do really works and the idea that foot lotion could do anything else then make her feet feel nice, seems quite stupid to her.

Slowly but surely though, my little non-believer is starting to find out that my special lotion is starting to make her cute little feet feel terribly ticklish. It starts with a slight tingle and a cute smile and it ends with a full blown tickle attack. Mia is jumping and screaming all over the place and begs me to help her. I do anything, please, please, please. OK, how about showing me your breast? The poor thing has no choice and her breasts pop out. Suddenly she freezes up and that sure makes her feel the tickling even more intense.

Can things get even worse than that. How about having your hands helplessly and almost magically pick up the lip stick vibrator and then disappear between your legs. Now she is begging me to let her cum but unfortunately she goes out like a light right before she orgasms. I am so sorry. Great eye checks and finally a sleepy orgasm.

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