I need to learn to be obedient, I am a Robot

From nasty divorce lawyer to obedient robot in the blink of an eye

Mia believes to be my wife’s divorce lawyer, who has simply no compassion for my side of the story. The fact that I interrupt her day by popping up unscheduled in her office seems to make her feel even more upset. There seems to be no way for me to get my baseball cards and or my new car back. Mia is sort of repulsed by the idea that I like to turn women into obedient robots, which I am sure is something my soon to be ex-wife must have told her. That’s just too bad because that is exactly what will happen to her in just a few seconds.

Of course she does not believe me when I tell her what I am going to do next but as we all know, a few seconds later my sexy little lawyer stands at attention. “I am a robot, I need to be programmed.” First she is programmed to acknowledge each and every order by saying “yes master.” The removal of her personality comes next. Of course she has to strip and clean for me, as every good robot should do for their master. My favorite part is where she knows that her system will not allow her to orgasm and that the more exited she feels the more likely it is that she will shut down before having a chance to discharge one of her powerful orgasms. Lot’s of yes masters, hot and wet action and a surprise signature at the end.

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