Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip One

Resistance is futile

Mia V, beautiful tall, athletic and very horny blond with perfect natural breasts, is another one of my all time favorites. Just like with Honey L, I noticed right away that Mia could be an excellent subject but that was not even close. As it turned out, Mia became one of my favorites. and I cannot wait for her to come back.
I could go on and on about how amazing her session went and how well she responded to my suggestions throughout the entire session but you will see all that as soon as you watch her clips. Get ready for another hundred percent real and incredibly intense session. Needless to say, the fact that our sexy blond is naturally horny and definitely kinky made this one even more fun. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Different induction, questions and entranced answers, right arm raise towards the end to check depth of her

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