Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Seven

Limp and fucked nudist

More directors choice

Did I mention the freeze fun, the waving hand that renders her mindless, the forced orgasm by her own hand and the limp/ragdoll play and completely blank and mindless stares.

Like the title says, our Superheroine is rendered limp and weak while being (under protest) h-fucked and orgasmed. Needless to say, she bitches and screams at first but then she begs me to let her have it. Looks like we need to put her to sleep for more programming. Up and awake, our Superheroine (who still wants to kick my ass) now believes to be an avid nudist who really does not like wearing clothes. Of course the possibility that she might be h- seems (to her) out of the question. Let’s see what happens when I freeze her while she is pleasuring herself. Sure enough, frozen yet fully aware our Superheroine… Very intense.

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