Step seven Reluctant Roommate, entranced and used

Amanda surprises her sexy new roommate, who is just about ready to go to sleep, and suddenly starts to come on to her. Michelle tries to let her know that she might not be interested in playing with her but that is not what Amanda likes to hear and she whips out her h crystal. Michelle has no chance, fascinated by the crystal in her roommate’s hand, she is unable to keep her eyes from staring at it and before you know it the sexy little blond is in deep trance. Amanda, who is ordered by her master to seduce her new roommate, starts immediately to train her new toy into submission. Michelle’s intriguingly beautiful eyes are dull, empty and wide open and she follows her new mistress’s orders like a zombie. Michelle is about to learn what it means to eat pussy, orgasm on command and to please her owner in anyway she is ordered to.

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