HypnoLust - Natalie Monroe Clip 8

Sexual harassment

Natalie, our beautiful young secretary, has filed a sexual harassment law suit against the president of the company she is working for. Needless to say, we cannot let that happen which why they hired me to take care of some of the companies, let’s call it, indiscretions. As soon as I mention what I was hired for, she goes on and on about the bosses inappropriate behavior (grabbing her ass, making comments about her beautiful tits…) and she makes it perfectly clear that she is under no circumstances willing to drop the suit.

Well, honey, suite yourself. Looks like there is not much I can do, except maybe, wait for that ominous phone call that will change her “mind.” Sure enough, the phone rings and…. Natalie, despite her attempts to resist, drops into mindless obedience. “My brain is melting, my mind is mol…

Time for her to remove her clothes and to caress her pussy for us, after all she has to learn the “proper sexual conduct” which is expected from our female employees. I am your horny slut master

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