HypnoLust - Natalie Monroe Clip 9
Horny sluts like me give BJ to…

The training for our formerly disobedient young secretary continues and now she learns to enjoy having lost all control over her muscles while being forced to orgasm. The intensity of this one is not easy to describe as it must have struck one of Natalie’s more hidden sexual fantasies. The second she becomes aware that she has no control over her body while I am holding the vibrator on her clit, her body starts to tremble with lust.

She keeps screaming I am a horny slut while getting closer and closer to orgasm. She is even willing to give the president of the company or anybody else for that matter a blow job. Let’s have her repeat that on the intercom system, shall we. As mentioned, our girl is crazy for lust and her screaming and begging becomes louder and more intense with every thrust of the vibrator. Looks like she is going to enjoy the sexual conduct rules of the company from now on. Very hot

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