Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip IV)

Toy Babysitter

Natasha my very sexy yet quite nasty babysitter seems to be rather annoyed when I start hitting on her. Not willing to play with me, she keeps talking about being way too old for me and that it is past my bedtime already. She really seems to lose it when I start talking about her big beautiful breasts.

All annoyed she tries to put me to bed again, alone that is. All of a sudden, in the middle of her going on about me being too young and so on, the swinging watch goes up in front of her eyes: “I am here for you master,” seems to be all she can say after that. Her dim and empty eyes are staring at me while her arms are going up in front of her.

That is so much better and I can finally start playing with my new toy. First, I turn her into my horny, purring and orgasmic little cat and then switch her to being my humping little , who of course is not allowed on the couch. That of course is not all, I mean while we are at it. why not see how she does as my horny, sexy little doll or obedient and orgasmic toy robot? Towards the end of the segment, Natasha finds herself back to being the babysitter, this time though she is well adjusted, completely mindless, obedient and very promiscuous. “I will be a good babysitter now master.”

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