Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip IX Part Two)

Part Two Mannequin love

Quite mindless and very horny, mannequin Natasha seems very attracted to one of her sisters. She starts fondling her new friend and even tries to orgasm her. I am glad I caught it in time and now both of them are frozen together. Maybe I should make both of them orgasm? Seems like Natasha is the only one Cumming though. Unfreezing her and letting her remember what just happened is not the best idea. Now she wants to leave. Looks like I have to freeze her again.

Of course the first thing they do when they want to leave is to cover up, which means more work for me again. Here we go again with the clothes. Anyway I think what really gets her is when I open her mouth and have her tongue come out. OK, maybe not the best look for her but sure a lot of fun for me. Let’s make peace, shall we? A handshake and we are friends again. Oops I forgot that makes her pass out. Oh well more fun for me while playing with her limp body and eyes.

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