Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip VII)

No, nothing is wrong

Natasha, not remembering a thing opens her eyes and is quite surprise about finding herself in a very awkward position. Of course that is just the beginning of what should become a very confusing yet incredibly stimulating experience. She is made to believe that as soon as she places her sexy little feet on the foot stool in front of her they would be stuck and she would then feel the most stimulating sensual massage ever experienced. With her feet helplessly glued to the chair, Natasha’s body starts to squirm but she still tries to make it look like nothing is going on. She keeps telling me that she can not be trainotized easily (remember I made up the word).

I can just feel her, desperately trying to figure out what is going on. Of course she gets increasingly aroused and at some point, she just can not deny it any longer. Being the nice guy that I am, I let her feel really good for a while and then switch, without any warning of course, to feel her feet being tickled. Now that really seems to drive her out of her mind. The fun continues switching back and forth until I have mercy and let her feel the gentle touch of my hand.

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