Bonnie Apricot was referred to me by a photographer friend… she’s a still model, but wanted to try my programming session. So I took her on board, and this is a collection of all the clips we did in that shoot – seperate in two one hour parts, this being the second final part. Clip is re-mastered with better color fidelity!
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This video includes the following scenes:

Instant Faint

In this clip, bonnie Apricot is made to faint instantly when I touch her on either shoulder. Enjoy watching her get totally confused as to what is happening, and then passing out instantly when ever I touch her.

Body Control

bonnie Apricot is in a training state trance. As such, she is not aware consciously of what is happening; and I turn her into a mindless body that is directly connected to my voice. I then instruct her to do various things, move around, pose, etc.


bonnie Apricot is now trained to become a DOLL. She’s made to perform all the actions I instruct her to do, instantly.


In the start of this clip, bonnie Apricot is programmed to go completely BLANK on command. And when she is BLANK she will forget everything, including who she is… but will instinctively believe anything I tell her. Enjoy watching her transform into an empty shell of a person when I say the word BLANK to her the first time, and then I start telling her she is a ROBOT and programming her on the ROBOT ways.
In this second part, bonnie Apricot is a robot. She’s programmed to perform, and in this clip I go over her functions and the buttons that controls how she operates. Watch as she is shut down, and then her body parts are demonstrated.
In this last part where bonnie Apricot is a Robot, she is made to perform things outside of her programming, and as such forced to malfunction. Watch as she attempts to comply with my requests, but her body starts rejecting it, and she doesn’t quite understand why.


bonnie Apricot is now trained to believe she has taken a stiff shot everytime I snap my finger. Enjoy watching her transform as I keep snapping my fingers over and over again. bonnie Apricot is getting more and more wasted. Watch how she has a hard time standing up, swaying back and forth till eventually she is limp and gone.

Stop n Go

bonnie Apricot is now programmed to stop and go on command. Without any clue of what is happening. Watch and enjoy as I make her freeze and stop everything randomly here and there… making her so confused!


In this final clip, bonnie Apricot’s training is removed. Watch as she stirs from the after effects, and still doesn’t know what happened to her earlier in this session… until I shake her hand and everything comes back to her instantly causing her to laugh and explain how she felt after her successful training session is done.

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