Hypnotized Brain Big Breasted Wives

Our hero hypnotizes 2 wives in an apartment complex and cuckolds their husbands while he fucks their wives in front of them.

Our hero takes the first girl by having her look at his phone. He then has her strip and he fondles her, plays with her pussy and eats her. He then he fucks her missionary, doggy, her on top, in all her holes in all ways.

Our second girl gets a call while talking with her husband at home. Our hero shows up and has her hold the husband, while he controls him with his phone. He then makes out with the wife while the husband just stands there. After they make out, she begins to blow him, then he eats her, and then fucks her missionary. Another round of fucking in all positions,until he is done and leaves her on the floor for the husband to clean her.

Later on the two couple are having dinner and suddenly, the first three freeze. Out hero shows up and the new husband wonders what is happening. He questions our here, who has the fist husband hold him back while he makes out with both girls. After a while he gets the second husband under control and begins fucking both wives in all positions.

Later while the husbands are at work, he comes over to the second girls house, when the first girl shows up and he fucks them both again in all positions.

Movie ends with husbands getting home from work to find both wives making out with our hero.

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