Jerky Wives – Cory Chase – Burglar Alarm

Scene One – Always Use the Remote

JMac is napping in bed one morning, when he hears some noise coming from the living room. He gets out of bed to find a blonde MILF dressed in all black, stealing some items by his T.V! He has his special remote control in his hand and he points it at her and yells “freeze!” He looks through her pockets and he finds his wife’s pearls in one pocket, his gold chain in another pocket, along with a big stack of money. “What should I do with you?” JMac says to the frozen burglar. He pulls her big tits out from under her black body suit and then he lifts her hands in to the air. He goes to pull her pants down and he finds his grandmother’s diamonds! Then he sticks his hands under her body suit and rubs her pussy. He unfreezes her; She starts yelling “no one was supposed to be home!!” and he freezes her again to make her stop fighting him. He strips her out of her all of her clothes and starts to kiss and lick her abs. He unfreezes her but quickly freezes her again once she starts to yell at him. He puts her down on her knees and shoves his hard cock in her mouth. He unfreezes her while his cock is down her throat, and she starts to panic and fight back! He freezes her again and continues to use her mouth for a blowjob…

Scene Two – Guarding the Prize

While JMac is forcing the blonde burglar to suck his cock, he unfreezes her again. She starts to yell and freak out on him. He shoves his cock back in her mouth until she chokes on it! Then he freezes her again. He picks her up and carries her body over to the couch so he can use the rest of her holes. He fucks her pussy for a bit, and then walks to the other side of her body to put his balls on top of her face. He shoves his cock inside of her mouth until he chokes again. He fucks her pussy some more while he keeps his hand around her throat. He unfreezes her while his dick is in her pussy, and she starts to scream “Get your dick out of me, you fucking pervert!” He freezes her again so she can be quiet. Then he decides that this burglar deserves to get fucked in the ass next. So, he fingers her ass for a moment before shoving his big, hard cock deep inside of her ass hole. He unfreezes her again and she starts to scream at him, “Get your dick out of my ass! Fuck you, you fucking pervert!” He freezes her again so he can actually enjoy her ass hole. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum in this ass hole!!” he moans. After he cums, he sits down on the couch next to her and says “Go guard my bed” as he points the remote at her. She stands up and walks towards his bedroom…

Scene Three – Processing the Evidence

Detective Longly knocks on JMac’s door, because he is investigating a series of burglaries around the neighborhood. JMac tells him that he walked in on the burglar stealing from him the other day and that he froze her, instead of calling the police. Detective Longly walks towards JMac’s bedroom to find the blonde burglar standing there, frozen with a weapon in her hands. He grabs the weapon out from her hands and then he tries to figure out what is going on here. He grabs her tits and she doesn’t move or respond. “This is wild… it’s like you’re a mannequin!” he says. He sits her down on the bed and sticks his cock inside of her mouth. She still doesn’t stop him, so he decides to try fucking her pussy and ass next. JMac walks in to his bedroom and says “Detective! What are you doing!?” Detective Longly says that this is how he decided to process the evidence. He asks JMac to help him process the evidence, and JMac pulls his pants down. He walks over to the burglar and shoves his cock and balls in her face.

Detective Longly starts to fuck her ass and pussy back and forth while JMac’s cock is in her mouth. JMac unfreezes the blonde burglar for a second, just to show the detective what’s going on. They switch places and the detective moves his cock over to her mouth. He wants to try the remote out, so he unfreezes her now. She starts to freak out and yell at the men for a few seconds but then they freeze her again. The two men continue to fuck the burglar’s frozen body. The detective has a good idea… “Become a horny slut now!” he says as he points the remote. She starts to rub her clit and she yells “spit roast me!” “Let me get in that ass hole!” detective Longly says, and he and JMac switch places. Detective Longly fucks her pussy and ass back and forth while she sucks JMac’s cock after it was in her ass hole. The two men continue to switch places and fuck her ass, pussy and mouth in no particular order. “I wanna taste you! I want both of you to cum on my face!” she exclaims. They demand that she get on her knees, and they both jerk their cocks off on top of her face. When they are done cumming, the detective freezes her. He tells JMac that he will pretend he was never here, and JMac can keep her and do whatever he wants with her…

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