Krissy Lynn comes to visit her best friend Stacy, but only her Mom Mindi is home. Krissy was mistaken about the dates when her friend would be there, so they chit chat for awhile. Mindi asks Krissy about how is school going and Krissy tells her that she loves her psychology class and how they are studding and finds it fascinating. Since they are so comfortable with each other Krissy starts to caress Mindis tired legs and feet with her pantyhose still on.

Krissy starts to put Mindi under mind control, and she doesn’t even realize it. Mindi isn’t sure if its a good idea for Krissy to continue to sensually rubbing her feet, but can’t seem to stop her. Mindi closes her eyes to enjoy everything and then Krissy starts to kiss her feet and seduce Mindi with all types of compliments while stroking her long brown hair. They are face to face sensually looking at each other and Mindi gives Krissy a kiss. They continue to kiss passionately and caress and massage each others legs and feet. Mindi announces after some time, that it is time to make dinner and excuses herself to go change out of her work clothes.

Krissy goes to her room and watches her take off her dress and bra but leaves on her pantyhose…..Krissy comes over to her with her bra off and just pantyhose on too and they continue to make out passionately. They both worship each others big boobs, soft silky legs, feet and sucking on each others toes. They start to rub their feet on each others pussies and masturbate each other off until they cum.

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