You’ve found a nice blond girl & followed her back to her hotel room. You want to ask her out & knock on the door but when she opens it, she recognizes you as the creepy guy in the lobby. She tries to slam the door in your face but you push your way in & hold the “flashing magic wand” up to her face. She can’t stop looking away & soon she’s under your spell. She calls you Master from now on & bows to you. She zombie walks across the room, you tell her to remove her clothing & humiliate her by making her act like a pigeon. She makes some great pigeon noises! Then you instruct her to lie on the bed while you jerk off & cum in her open mouth. She’s thankful for Masters cum. Now it’s time for your girl to be put away in the closet while you watch TV in her room. From YOUR point of view.

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